Retail Store & Creative Space

General Information


Bootstraps is a subsidiary of Champions 4 Economic Development. We are building an economic development jobs program utilizing the non-profit 501(c)(3) model to allow both individuals and communities – sustainable economic growth. Revenues will be funneled into various communities through benefits, personal income, sharing of profit, community partnerships and neighborhood development. 


The first retail store will also be the Main Office for the non-profit which will include a creative space in the rear for other non-profits and friends to use for meetings and events. There may be a small charge for services.


To open the store in the first quarter of 2018. To have a soft opening and then a grand opening for the whole community with a fashion show, food and entertainment.


We will rely on non-profit members, once a month to buy something. We will also reach out to the local community for support. Marketing will be focused on getting customers in the store with Financial Educations classes, Taco Tuesday, Running Clubs, Networking Events, Book Clubs, meetings and more.

Announce coming events

We are expecting to open the first quarter of 2018 in North Orange County.  Stay tuned for grand opening which will include a Fashion Show, Food and Entertainment.

Current Special Offers

M/F Business Suits are available for loan.  Yes, you can borrow a suite, go to your interview then return it (clean) for someone else who needs it, to use.

Purchase $300 in merchandise, get a free massage in our Re-Juvinate room.

Present your  Medi-Care and card get 10% off merchandise anytime.

Happy Hour times and days will be announced soon.

The Big News

First Store will be open the first quarter of 2018.  

Stay tuned for a soft private opening and the Grand Opening which will include a Fashion Show, Food, Drinks and Entertainment.


Hours: 11am - 8pm Tuesday - Sunday except some major holidays.